8 Days Feeling and Touching Safaris

 Visual impairments are no longer a limitation to experience an African Safari. We have created the feeling and touching Safaris which have been examined and proved to hold a great experience to participants.

During these Safaris, we shall experience the different attractions, sights and sounds through our touching and feeling sense. We shall be visiting several sites of which you can have a the full feel of an African Safari for instance Tropical Rain forest, Wild Animal parks, Cultural centers , Water bodies to mention only a few.

Day 1: Arrival and Transfer to Hotel

Our Safari crew will be happily waiting at the Airport to receive and welcome you and after they will connect you to the booked Accommodation for refreshment and relaxation off the long trip from your place of origin.

Approx transit time: 1 hour

Meal Plan : (B,L,D)

Day 2: Lake Victoria and Botanical Garden Walks

 Botanical Gardens located at the shores of Lake Victoria is one of the locations used during the shooting of the movie TARZAN. At the Botanical gardens, we shall experience a variety of Trees, flowers and a variety of birds, butterflies and animal for instance the cheeky Vervet monkeys which will come around and have a play time.

We shall as well experience Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa and second in the world. We shall visit the lake shore for the magical lake breeze and walks around the giant lake shores and probably have a boat cruise on the lake.

Later getting back to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan : (B,L,D)

Day 3: Giraffe Kiss and Giant Snake Hug

 Behind breakfast, we shall visit the Wildlife Center were we shall encounter several African wild animals and we shall be able to get in the closest touching range possible with the guidance of our professional team to enable you have the rare Kiss from the worlds tallest animals the Giraffes as well as the hug from the African Rock Python one of the biggest snakes on the World which will give you an experience of a life time.

We shall have our breaks around the wildlife center with the animals and later go for a typical African donkey ride.

Later in the day, we shall get back to the lodge for refreshment , Dinner and Overnight.

Meal plan : (B,L,D)

Day 4: Crocodile Touch !

 Behind breakfast, we shall get on the road driving towards a Crocodile breeding point on the Western side of the lake Victoria and we shall be able to meet up with some of the largest African reptiles the (Crocodiles). We shall be able to have a once in a life time experience of TOUCHING THE CROCODILES. We shall have our breaks and meals with the giant reptiles.

Additionally, we shall visit the EQUATOR point were an imaginary line bisects the world into two Hemispheres (North & South Pole). Magical scenarios happen around this point and worth a stopover. We shall later head back to lodge for refreshments , dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan : (B, L, D)

Day 5: African Cultural Experience.

 Behind our typical African Breakfast, we shall look forward to an African Cultural experience   were we shall have a chance to touch and feel some of the African Cultural symbols , musical instruments to mention only a few that will get you have a feeling of the African culture.

We shall as well visit several cultural centers and one of the Largest African Kingdom Palaces to connect more to the African culture. This will be a more cultural day and later we shall head to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan : (B, L, D)

Day 6:Tropical Rain forest Walks and Sounds


Behind breakfast, we shall head to Mabira forest one of the largest Tropical rain forest in Africa. The forest has a typical environment of an African Tropical Rain forest with thick canopies, giant trees in mixed stands. Birds, Butterflies, wild sounds and calls are typical to the forest. Water channels flow through the forest flow creating a conducive environment of feeling the typical African jungle.

This will be the best time to listen to only Nature calls and your self which comes with a magnificent experience with Nature.

Later we shall leave the forest and head to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan : (B, L, D)

Day 7: Source of the River Nile Touch


The River Nile is the Worlds longest River and lucky enough we have its source in Uganda. Around the River Nile there are several activities and attractions around this point. A lot of history that will blow your mind is attributed to the Source of the River Nile and its always a pleasure for every one in the World to Visit the Source of the Worlds Longest River.

We shall have a boat cruise on the Nile River and experience the unique feeling and experience around the Source of the Nile you will not find else were. We shall as well have a chance to touch the points were the worlds longest River originates its Magical .

Meal Plan : (B, L, D)

Day 8: Transfer back to Kampala


Behind breakfast we shall transfer back to Kampala to the lodge were we shall stay until our we get the transfer to the airport for our flight back home ending the 8day Ultimate African Touch and feeling Safari experience and saying good bye.

Meal Plan : (B, L, D)

Safari highlights

Lake Victoria, River Nile, African Culture, Tropical Rain Forest, Touching Wild Animals, Wild sounds and Whispers.


Tour Package includes

Accommodation, Breakfasts, Meals, Arranged ground Transportation,Specified Attractions,Specified sight seeing, a helping hand, a smiling face and a shoulder to lean on whenever you need all the way through the Safari.

Tour Package does not include

Personal care, medical costs, laundry, Air-tickets, extra drinks


We use high standard resorts and hotel accommodations in the large centers, In some of the more rural areas we use the best there is with suitable access facilities. In some cases, we may not have sufficient fully accessible accommodation then the most accessible will be allocated on need. We apologies in advance if occasionally you may have to improvise we ask for your understanding on such matters. We can a sure you we shall be there to help.

You will manage just fine. Circumstances can occasionally mean changing accommodation for a variety of reasons all to make you feel comfortable.


There are a wide variety of meals provided with the itinerary , some in top hotels and restaurants. Some with a much more local flavor.

Who can come ?

Any one . Transportation , Accommodation and most attractions are accessible and were there is an accessibility challenge , our professional and friendly guardians are ready to give a hand to bridge the gap.

The itinerary.

The itinerary is at a real easy pace. Late check outs ,stress free,  help with your baggage , several days suitable as rest days and flexible upon request.

Escorts and Guides

Experienced assistants in general terms. However, personal carers are not part of the package. We can provide personal care , this can save on airfares if you need to bring a caregiver along but would incur extra costs and need to be discussed with us personally before the tour starts. We can often arrange one attendant able to care for two or even three on a Tour allowing them to split the cost.

This depends on individual needs.

Medical Backup

Our staff is experienced in managing and looking after people with various special medical , mobility and other needs. Even thou we complain about our Health System in Africa, we do have a network of credible Doctors , medical centers and hospitals.

As long as we are aware of your needs we can plan ahead to make sure they are fully met. We are are the only company in Uganda and East Africa offering this depth of service.


Your safety and wellbeing are our prime concerns but we insist that you take out personal travel insurance even before putting a deposit down.


We have an application form that we like every one to fill in, the reason are explained on the form. We do our best, we go much further than the extra mile. Your safety and enjoyment are our main concern, so we need to know of any special need or condition.