The world Heritage and RAMSAR site was gazetted as a national park in 1991, the 5,109m high elevation stands as Africa’s tallest mountain range exceeded in altitude by Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya , holding Africa’s third, fourth and fifth highest peaks which can be viewed way from miles in a radius.

The Rwenzori Mountains are ideally one of the world’s most beautiful and precious national parks following their unique Backdrop-nature ahead of which appear majestic sceneries ,varying  and distinctive vegetation zones; the montane forest, bamboo forest, tree heath-bog, Hagenia-Rapanea  scrub and afro-alpine moorland. Leaving alone this notable beauty, the lower slopes of the mountains are home to quite a number of large and small mammals for example the so rare three horned chameleon, the Rwenzori colobus, forest elephants, giant forest hogs and many others accompanied by the mists, river flows and songs of numbers of about 217 species of birds singing perfectly on the tunes of anyone’s footsteps including the Rwenzori Turacco, the Rwenzori double collared sunbird name it.

The mountains of the moon’, as named by Ptolemy, way back in 150AD, are evident and a real story fact that form part and a major snowy source of the longest river in the  world, ‘The Nile’. Some of its peaks hung and hold a unique figure, magnificence and mist-obfuscated carry permanent snow and glaciers, while the lower slopes are covered by dense forests.

How to get there

The park is in the far western Uganda near Kasese. It can be accessed via the Kampala-fort portal road through Mubende which is about 357km or via Kampala-Mbarara then Kasese through Queen Elizabeth national park which is about 450km.

The Nyakalengija trailhead is 22km off the Kasese-Fort portal road and 25km north of Kasese if you are using Mbarara-Kasese road.

The park can also be accessed by air from either kajansi airstrip or Entebbe international airport to Kasese.


The major tourist attraction/activity is mountain climbing to the highest peaks of Margherita (5,109m) on Mountain Stanley, Vittorio Emmanuelle (4,889m) on mountain Speke and Edward (4,842m) on mountain Baker. Trekking, nature walks and many research activities.


Quite a number of accommodation facilities can be accessed in all ranges for example Ruboni community camp, Ruboni Turacco view camp, Geo lodges equator snow, Rwenzori mountains safari lodge, Trekkers hostel, and many others.